FunkyBob's Mods For Morrowind
It's Not cheating, It's just Options when you need them most
Addon type mods
Arena Fighting Created by CraZy]NARF[(read txt file)
Boathouse created by Rapscallion This mod adds a boathouse in Seyden Neen
EBArtifact Electronic Boutique put this out with the release of the game for those who ordered from them(that was me)
Essential NPC Respawn created by FunkyBob This mod makes all Main Story line NPC's respawn, read creator txt included...this mod also includes the vendorupdate1.1
House Mod created by senornacho This house comes equiped with a travel Mage(read the readme included)
Love Mod created by Erik Benerdal This mod adds a little somethin somethin to the game...Note NOTHING LEWD HERE..everything is referred to as "Love" enjoy
Love Mod Version1.2 created by Erik Benerdal(updated version read txt file)
Monster Respawn created by FunkyBob All your Monsters will now respawn
Secret Tomb of Seyda Need Unknown creator(read txt file)
Silent Character Generator By Jason Robinson(this is mostly for testing out new races you created...speeds up the character generation time
Weather Mod Unknown Creator(read txt file)
New Npc Ziana Unkown Creator This Mod adds an NPC in the Balmora Mages Guild who sells Soul Gems
Cheat Type Mods
Keening Fix created by FunkyBob This stops Keening from draining your health(although it is supposed to unless you have the item that goes with it)
Light Daedric Weapons created by FunkyBob All the Daedric Weapons have been edited to a weight of 1
Low Weight Daedric Armor created by FunkyBob User Requested - I changed all the weight of Daedric Armor to .1
More Gold in Balmora created by FunkyBob Always wanted to sell those High Value Items? Now you can
Passive Soulreavers Unknown Creator(read txt file)I had to rename the files extension so you would be able to download it, just rename the file from .zip to .esp
Dwarven Race Unknown creator
Gnome Race Unknown creator
Legendary Objects created by falne(read txt file)
Vampire mod created by elf_lord66(read txt file)
Well I have added some new mods that I have found, enjoy. Please do not email me if you can't get the downloads to work.
With the release of NeverWinter Nights Aurora beta(the construction set for NWN) I have stopped all work on morrowind mods and switched over to NWN campaign construction, I will have several campaigns ready for the release of NWN and 2-3 servers hosting my games. I plan to make a schedule on what day/time I will be running the campaigns as the GM. Further updates will follow.